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Prince Edward

unknownShip Details
Slaving Voyage to the West IndiesSlaving Voyage to the West Indies
1806Departed on a Slaving Voyage to the West Indies


1775Ship DetailsLR1790,010
1789Surveyed by Lloyd'sLRU1790,010
1790Surveyed by Lloyd'sLRU1790,010; LRU1791.011
1791Surveyed by Lloyd'sLRU1792,015
1792Surveyed by Lloyd'sLRU1793,012
1793Surveyed by Lloyd'sLRU1794,009


1782Ship Details
1788New Registration RecordedC/EX/L/5/1,1788.019
1788Structural Change RecordedC/EX/L/5/1,1788.067
1788Change In OwnershipC/EX/L/5/1,1788.067
1790Change Of CaptaincyC/EX/L/5/1,1788.067
1790Change In OwnershipC/EX/L/5/1,1788.067
1791Change Of CaptaincyC/EX/L/5/1,1788.067
1798Change In OwnershipC/EX/L/5/1,1788.067
1798Structural Change RecordedC/EX/L/5/3,1798.065
1798New Registration RecordedC/EX/L/5/3,1798.065
1799Structural Change RecordedC/EX/L/5/4,1799.196
1799Change Of CaptaincyC/EX/L/5/4,1799.196
1799New Registration RecordedC/EX/L/5/4,1799.196
1803Change Of CaptaincyC/EX/L/5/5,1803.018
1803Change In OwnershipC/EX/L/5/5,1803.018
1804Departed on a Slaving Voyage to the West Indies
1804Change In OwnershipC/EX/L/5/5,1803.018
1805Returned from a Slaving Voyage to the West Indies
1805Change Of CaptaincyC/EX/L/5/5,1803.018
1806Change Of CaptaincyC/EX/L/5/5,1803.018
1808Change Of CaptaincyC/EX/L/5/5,1803.018
1808Change In OwnershipC/EX/L/5/5,1803.018
1809Change In OwnershipC/EX/L/5/5,1803.018


1785Ship Details
1804Departed on a Slaving Voyage to the West Indies
1806Returned from a Slaving Voyage to the West Indies

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