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Margaret Anne Smith

9 April 1860Baptised by Her Parents John Smith (Tailor) and Anne of Lambert StreetLDS Film 1656197

Harriet Cash Barnes

6 February 1860Baptised by Her Parents John Barnes (Tailor) and Harriet of Fleet St.LDS Film 1656561

George Henry Guy

23 July 1860Baptised by His Parents Henry Brougham Guy (Tailor) and Mary of Penrhyn St.LDS Film 1656561

Emma Isabella Shipman

25 December 1860Baptised by Her Parents Joseph Shipman (Tailor) and Ann of Renshaw St.LDS Film 1656561

Mary Jane Breeze

17 January 1860Baptised by Her Parents John Breeze (Tailor) and Ann of Falkner St.LDS Film 1656561

John Flinn

19 June 1860Baptised by His Parents William Flinn (Tailor) and Bridget of Toxteth ParkLDS Film 1656561

Thomas Plent

7 November 1860Baptised by His Parents John Plent (Tailor) and Jane of Gt. Newton St.LDS Film 1656561

Thomas Charles Watson

8 April 1860Baptised by His Parents Thomas Watson (Tailor) and Sarah of EvertonLDS Film 1546007

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